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Month: October 2017

General Contractors Insurance Policies

In the construction business, General Contractors operate as the traffic director on a project. With this responsibility comes some advantages to help protect your business. General Contractors need certain types of insurance policies which will protect them from accidents that can happen on the job. As a general contractor some of the insurance liabilities of independent contractors fall under your control. Everyone knows it is hard to be everywhere all the time, so accidents do happen even if you are keeping a close eye on everything. You have worked hard to build your business it would be bad if it all came crashing down because of an accident. With the rising costs of medical bills and the rising number of lawsuits it is important to have an insurance policy that can cover you completely. Below you will find the top 2 insurance policies ever General Contractor should have. Important General Contractor Insurance Policies: General Contractor Liability Insurance Liability insurance was designed to help pay for costs in case bodily injury or property damage happens to a third party. The insurance company will pay for the medical costs and all litigation costs associated with the claim. General Contractors Liability Insurance Protects Your Company From: Bodily Injury Bodily injury is physical damage to someone that does not work for you. It can be a client that is on the job site,...

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Sell ​​Your Home by Making a Good First Impression – Even if Your Home is Already on the Market

If you're a homeowner who has become frustrated because your home looks to have been sitting on the market too long, sometimes it simply is not making a good first impression on potential buyers. If that's the case, do not despair. Even if your home has been on the market for some time, there are some simple things you can do to help your home make a better first impression, the second time around. As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression, and that's true both for real estate agents who may be touring your home during regular property tours or for buyers looking at homes in their price range and target neighborhood. But do not despair if your home has already been on the market for awhile. It's not too late to improve your chances of selling your home at a good price. However, even if your home is currently on the market, you can still upgrade and improve your home to make it more attractive, and once you've done that, you can ask your agent to schedule your home for another agent property tour to show off the improvements. It's entirely possible that the upgrades will make your home just what someone has been looking for, even if it did not impress them during the first viewing. The first...

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Buy a Home Through Rent-to-Own Purchase Option

One of the best ways of buying property at a rate that does not get affected by market trends is a Rent-to-Own option. What is Rent-to-Own? Rent-to-Own means is a situation where you agree to buy property at future date, based on a specified value in the agreement and in the meanwhile, you live in the property on a rental basis. Other terms used to refer to this form of a purchase arrangement are lease-to-own option or a rent-to-purchase option What is part of a Rent-to-Own Agreement The Rent-to-Own is made up of two sections. One section details the lease terms and the other section has the purchase option. The lease section specifics features such as lease amount, the period of lease, date on which amount is paid, and so on. In the purchase section, you can see details mentioned about the opportunity to buy the property, at a specified time in the future along the price. What aspect should you know about a Rent-to-Own agreement? In a Rent-to-Own agreement, three factors will apply. These are rent premium, option fee and rent credits. Rent premium is an amount that you have to pay towards the property's down payment. It is an amount that is a little more than the rent. Another thing that goes towards down payment is the option fee. However, you have to note that the option...

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